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Ejaculation starts when the level of arousal is stimulated by the spinal refluxes and it reaches its peak. There are two types of nervous systems governing the act – the somatic and the sympathetic nerves. The volume of outflow can be low due to low fluid content, frequent ejaculation, endocrine imbalance, infections or retrograde ejaculation.
Hypersensitivity, nerve damage, anxiety or decrease penile stimulation can cause low ejaculation volume. One need to have control over behavioral response for the process of stimulation and the process involves proper relaxation techniques to ensure lengthened pleasure. The problem of low ejaculation volume can cause pain, and it reduces overall happiness during the act. It is a reflux action just like sneezing and to increase stamina naturally, the spinal reflux governed by the set of somatic nerves – S2 to S4 should work uninterrupted.

Increase Ejaculation Volume

These problems are also linked to infertility as the men with little than one percent of the retro ejaculation can suffer from infertility and study state about 15 percent of men with such ejaculation problem suffer from low sperm volume. Diabetes, nerve disorders, intake of certain drugs and surgeries can be responsible for such low ejaculation volume. Herbal supplements to increase ejaculation volume e.g. Night Fire capsules and Musli Strong capsules help in empowering nerves to increase ejaculation volume. The herbal formulae Night Fire capsules contain herbs such as nutmeg that is widely used to treat inflammation, joint aches, arthritis, and ailment and can detoxify the digestive system. It works as brain tonic which can eliminate fatigue and improve concentration power.

Night Fire capsules and Musli Strong capsules are the best herbal supplements to increase ejaculation volume. Safed Musli or the white gold as mentioned in Ayurveda is, basically, a root extract which is rich in saponins and polysaccharides. Study shows it had the properties to act upon the male organ muscles. It contracts the muscles of the organ upon activation and inhibits (ROCK II inhibitory potential) for erection. The herb extract of Dalchini shows upto 75 percent of inhibition exerting properties on such muscles during the process and these are some of the key ingredients in the herbal sex enhancement pills, Night Fire capsules, that also contains Akarkara – Anacyclus pyrethrum, which contains the bioactive compound alkylamides and traditionally, was used as libido booster, brain tonic, anti-amnesiac, anti-convulsive and fertility enhancer.

It was tested on rats where the intake of 50 to 100 mg per kg of the herb for 28 days was able to boost libido and improved penile erection index by 202 percent. It improved intromission frequency (up to 384 percent) and mounting frequency (up to 266 percent). The impact of such supplementation persists weeks after discontinuation of the remedy and various other tests showed its intake is able to enhance testosterone levels and increase the weight of testicles in rats, which, helps to increase stamina naturally. Anacyclus is effective in enhancing the weight of prostate linked to androgenic activities which was tested on laboratory rats where the ingestion of 50 to 150 mg per kg of the herb was able to increase weight of prostate up to 21 percent over 28 days of ingestion.


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