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How To Increase Testosterone Level In Men Without Side Effects?

For men testosterone is probably one of the most important things in life. This hormone can make or break a man. This is also known as the ‘sex hormone’ as it entirely controls the male reproductive system. The basic (but stereotyped) manliness is judged in man by the length of his phallus, growth of hairs, bass voice and thick muscles.
All these physical changes depend solely upon the testosterone.However, all men are not naturally blessed with a good amount of testosterone. And this may cause improper changes in body and therefore tremendous psychological trauma. But to calm down these men and satisfy their needs many testosterone booster pills have been launched in the market to increase testosterone level in men.

Reasons behind decreased testosterone level:

Increase Testosterone Level In Men

1. Physical injury: This is most common cause behind low testosterone level. In most kids it is seen that while playing, sudden hit of a football or cricket ball on the testicles can cause hormonal misbalance. Not only kids but in adult’s injury to the testicles while travelling or in any type of accident can affect the testosterone level.

2. Obesity: The numbers of obese men are increasing in a rapid manner every year. Obesity means increased cholesterol which arduously affects the testosterone.

3. Hormonal disorder: Hormonal disorder can happen due to genetic reasons. However, this can also happen because of unhealthy diet which lacks in fiber, vitamins, proteins etc., and reduction in physical activities can cost a price towards hormones.

4. HIV or AIDS: A very burning topic which is putting human lives to threat. Too much sexual activity and especially when it is unprotected can cause this deadly disease in men. Not only it does affect the victim but also it victimizes the generations to follow. This life threatening disease can destroy the basic system of a human body. Hormones are largely affected through HIV or AIDS.

There might be several reasons that hinder the natural processes of human body. The above mentioned facts seriously affect testosterone level in men. However, where there is a problem, there is a solution and there are several supplements to increase testosterone level in men.

Remedies for a better testosterone level:

1. Pomegranate: This fruit is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins A, C and E. Its bright red color proves how rich it is in iron. These puts a check on the blood pressure, controls mood and increase libido.

2. Olive oil: This is probably the master food supplement that cures all kind of problems. For a better testosterone level replace the regular oil with extra virgin olive oil. This oil really helps in increasing the level of testosterone in men.

3. Garlic: It is rich in allicin, which lowers the cortical level in men’s body. This helps in an increased production of testosterone in men.

Musli Kaunch capsules: 

Recently launched natural testosterone enhancer pills in online market, this Musli Kaunch capsule helps to increase testosterone level in men and libido for better performance. Musli Kaunch capsule is 100% natural and not have any side effect. Use Musli Kaunch capsule regularly for 3 to 4 months to see the faster result. It is recommended that take 1 to 2 capsules daily after meals with lot of water.


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