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Natural Ways To Fight Male Impotence And Improve Erection Strength

Impotency is a condition in which a man fails to gain erection or the erection is much weaker. It can be associated with erectile dysfunction as well. At times, the condition is temporary and is caused by stress or any other physical or psychological reason. But sometimes the condition is permanent and it seems very hard to find natural ways to fight male impotence.
4T Plus capsule is the natural cure to this problem.Fight Male ImpotenceThis condition of impotency is very disturbing because it affects every part of a man’s life. It can cause loss of self-confidence and self-respect. The loss in lovemaking life can create differences between partners. If your partner is unsatisfied, chances of low self-esteem and depression increase. Some common causes of this problem are:

1. Physical causes: Diabetes, obesity, thyroid, kidney issues, high blood pressure or some trauma or surgery.

2. Fatigue, depression or anxiety.

3. Over consumption of alcohol or tobacco.

4. Relationship problems.

The combo of 4T Plus capsules and Overnight oil is a natural impotence treatment. This combo improves erection strength with various ways. 4T Plus capsules cure problem internally by providing various minerals and nutrients that are not present in our day to day diet. The ingredients are natural herbs and the ratios in which they are combined are discovered to cure special problems.

One can never satisfy his partner with a small organ. Overnight oil is applied directly to the organ. The oil seeps inside the organ from the pores of the skin and thus has a direct and quick effect.

Core Benefits of 4T Plus capsule:

1. These capsules enhance the secretion of testosterone which in turns energizes the organ and rejuvenate the male reproductive system.

2. It enhances male libido and increases the lovemaking duration.

3. Allows making repetitive lovemaking sessions.

4. Increases semen volume by curing all the problems.

5. It open-up all the closed sperm ducts.

Ingredients of 4T Plus capsules:
Shilajit, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Kaunch, Shatavari, Vidarikand, Kesar, Kuchala, Jaiphal, Tulsi, Semar, Talmakhana, Salabmisri, Tambul, Jaipatri, Moti and Akarkara.

Core Benefits of Overnight oil:

1. This oil enhances the sensation in the genital part.

2. It allows man to control his ejaculation and increases the length of lovemaking sessions.

3. Removes blockage in blood vessels and thus allows the free flow of blood in the organ.

4. It heals damaged tissues and improves the skin health of genital part.

5. Increases semen volume.

Ingredients of Overnight oil: Aak Ka Doodh, Kesar, Jaiphal, Ghee, Beer Buti, Javitri, Lavang and Somal.

Directions to use:

To fight with impotency naturally take 1 to 2 herbal erectile dysfunction pills each day with warm milk or water for 2 to 3 months regularly. Most of the people recover within this time-period.

Apply 6 to 8 drops of Overnight oil directly on the genital area and massage with your hands. It will take 3 to 4 months to get better results. Regular usage of this oil energizes the genital part and stimulates testicular functions.


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